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As a housewife, looks like I have very much time.. but the truth I'm too busy manage my family, my spouse, my kids and my house.. I really dont have time for myself ! It make me tired and sometime stress too..

Writing blog is 1 of my way to releif my stress.. Hopefully All Bloggers will support my blogs, be my follower.. and enjoy..

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Laksa Penang DeLight

          It's Fridays again..  Dah seminggu tak jengah blog ni, really bz last week.
Today, I make Laksa Penang for lunch. Huh.. its really delicious but so fussy to make it..

          Nak dijadikan cerita, I run out a lot of ingredients.. because I start prepare the laksa gravy, I have to finish it. So I start car engine and bring my daughter and baby to the market. This is the first time I go there all by myself bringing along my children with me since I'm deliver my baby. Susah juga nak beli barang, 'cos I need to hold my daughter hand + dukung my baby n at the same time.. nak pegang barang2.. Tough right?
At last I make it, bought all I need.. n here I post the picture of ingredients I buy..

About 30 minutes, my dish was ready.. to eat... Yummy..

........ teringin ?? , masak la laksa lepas nih... Kalau malas tu beli je...

 "     Selamat Menjamu  Selera    "