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SaLaM... HeLlO... oLa...

As a housewife, looks like I have very much time.. but the truth I'm too busy manage my family, my spouse, my kids and my house.. I really dont have time for myself ! It make me tired and sometime stress too..

Writing blog is 1 of my way to releif my stress.. Hopefully All Bloggers will support my blogs, be my follower.. and enjoy..

See you...

Peace - Super Mom

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Friday..

Still in Syawal... so lovely morning..
Today, my kids behave so good, easy for me to manage my house, and it done properly...

While I'm cooking, my 2 month old baby (M Zharfan Lutfi) was fall asleep so deep.. The eldest one, M Arif Danial (5 years old) was playing car in his toys room while her sister (3 years old Auji Batrisyia) sing a song for her little frog that she assumed as her baby.. So cute..she also put her dress to little frogs, breastfed like she is a mother.. :-)

My little princess wear socks just like woman berpantang... hi hi

Got to go now.. baby is calling, my cook (kurma daging) for lunch going to be ready...

So peacefully.. for one time they're not arguing each other..

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