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As a housewife, looks like I have very much time.. but the truth I'm too busy manage my family, my spouse, my kids and my house.. I really dont have time for myself ! It make me tired and sometime stress too..

Writing blog is 1 of my way to releif my stress.. Hopefully All Bloggers will support my blogs, be my follower.. and enjoy..

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Masih terasa

          walaupan dah lebih seminggu syawal menjelma, kemeriahan aidilfitri masih terasa. Sanak saudara dan rakan taulan masih kunjung mengunjung...

            Hari ini.. my x-schoolmate (Azi Zainol) n my cousin Atie Yusoff (on my hubby side) give us a raya visit.. Normally dlm mood beraya ni, guest will served with raya juadah like nasi himpit, lemang and ketupat with rendang, ayam masak merah... +++  
'cos we already muak .. so we served our guest with nasi lemak sambal ikan masin + sotong goreng. My hubby loves cooking n he good at that.. so I'm very lucky .. but.. a little bit disappointed cos I'm forgot to take a picture of a delicious cooking of my hubby to share with all of u.. I'm too excited having chit chat with my old friend.. so I include a picture of nasi lemak here.. may be terliur ... so tomorrow u can make it for breakfast.. aha..

sekadar hiasan


         It's already 9 at night.. got to go.. See you next time..

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