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As a housewife, looks like I have very much time.. but the truth I'm too busy manage my family, my spouse, my kids and my house.. I really dont have time for myself ! It make me tired and sometime stress too..

Writing blog is 1 of my way to releif my stress.. Hopefully All Bloggers will support my blogs, be my follower.. and enjoy..

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What does your Birth Month says about you ???

AbouT mE

~~ Wise and humble
Inspiring character
Cool in difficult situations
 Altruistic and sympathetic
Love travelling
Knowledgeable beyond my years
 Understanding nature
Friendly with all
 Like helping others
 Fun to be with
 Loyal lovers
 Good looker and great dresser
 Confident ~~

Apa kena ni kan? Tiba-tiba ja... Tak, sebenarnya itu bacaan dari tarikh lahir yang saya dapati via facebook application "What does your Birth Month says about you"..

Boleh dikatakan kebanyakannya betul ttg diri saya, tp yg great dresser tu rasanya kureng la...
Cool ke aku ni?? hihi.. kadang2 gelabah biawak juge..

Bab good looker tu anda semua tentukan, just take a look @ my photo..

Macam mana??? Rasa-rasa cam betul la.. wakakaka.. masuk lif tekan sendiri la...

Kalau anda pun berminat, boleh cuba aplikasi ini di http://apps.facebook.com/bthmonth/

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